Matcha Chocolate Ganache Bars – Nama Choco Recipe

Matcha fans will be excited to create and then devour this yummy dessert – matcha chocolate ganache bars! No baking and oven is required for this recipe. Only three ingredients are needed – chocolate, heavy cream and green tea powder. If you have a matcha lover friend, then this is a good dessert idea for that legendary weekend dinner party.


• 300 grams white chocolate
• 150 grams heavy cream
• 10 grams matcha (green tea powder)


Chop white chocolate into small pieces.
Set aside.

Prepare a mixing bowl.
Sift through green tea powder.
Add the heavy cream by portion.
Mix well to combine.
Continue to mix until smooth.
Place the green tea mixture on a double broiler.
Stir until it liquifies.
Add white chocolate pieces.
Stir until well combined and white chocolate completely melted.
Transfer into a parchment-lined 16 x 16-inch springform tin.
Make sure that the mixture is distributed evenly in the tin.
Place it inside the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Once done, remove the tin and parchment.
Slice into equal bars.
You can sprinkle powdered sugar on top.
Serve and enjoy!

Matcha Chocolate Ganache Bars - Nama Choco Recipe
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