Potato Balls | How To Cook Veggie Balls

There are a lot of versions of preparing and cooking potato balls. This one is probably one of the quickest and easiest recipe to follow. It only needs a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time to cook this. Serve with a variety of dipping sauces and you’ll have a flavorful appetizer before dinner time.


• 3 medium potatoes
• 1 medium carrot (grated)
• 1 bunch spring onions (chopped)
• 4 tbsp cornstarch
• 1 tbsp flour
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 1/2 tsp cooking oil
• 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
• Cooking oil for frying


Boil potatoes and mash them using a fork or a masher.
Put the mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl.
Add grated carrots and chopped spring onions.
Mix until well combined.
Add cornstarch and flour.
Mix well.
Add cooking oil.
Season with salt and black pepper.
Mix well.
Scoop a teaspoon of the mixture.
Form into a ball.
Repeat, this can make 35 pieces.
Set a pan over medium heat.
Heat oil.
Fry potato balls until golden brown.
Transfer to a paper towel to drain excess oils.
Transfer to a plate.
Serve with dips and enjoy!

Potato Balls - How to Cook Veggie Balls
Images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjLUuqsbcwU

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