Best Easy Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

Fried fish fillet is really simple and you can easily prepare this dish in no time. You can season with any herbs and spices you like, and you can coat with anything you want like panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), all-purpose flour, or wheat flour. These crunchy and juicy fish fillets are perfect to serve with fries, salad, or steamed vegetables. Squeeze some lime or lemon juice before serving to give that citrus kick to this dish. Even kids will ask for seconds!

Preparation time for this dish is around 20 to 25 minutes. Cooking time is 10 minutes per fish fillet. Serves 4.


• Fish fillet
• Paprika
• Garlic powder
• Salt
• Coriander
• Flour
• Oil


Season both sides of the fish fillet with paprika, garlic powder, salt, and coriander.
Use your hands and press down on the fillet to make the seasoning stick.
Coat the fish fillet with flour.
In a pan, add some oil enough to submerge the fish fillet.
Cook for 5 to 6 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Ideas And Tips:

• Any type of white fish can be used to make this recipe. Mahi-Mahi was used here, but you can substitute with catfish, cod, tilapia, snapper or halibut.

• Instead of garlic powder, you can add finely minced fresh garlic cloves.

• The thicker your fish fillet, the longer it cooks. It is advisable to slice your fillets thin so that it easily cooks and it becomes slightly crunchy on the outside.

• If you prefer not to use oil, you can also bake the fish fillet using the same process of seasoning and coating them with flour.

• You can make a dip made out of mayonnaise, sour cream, or yogurt and garnish with herbs.

Best Easy Fried Fish Fillet Recipe
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