Easy + Healthy Vegan Dinner Ideas

These dinner ideas have a mix of Asian and Italian cuisine. Cheesy and filling, quesadillas filled with mashed potatoes are great for snack time. Leftover rice can be transformed into a vegan fried rice recipe full of crunchy tofu and mixed vegetables. So easy to make that it is perfect when you really don’t feel like cooking. Lastly, the pasta recipe is light and creamy but packed with leafy greens.

These recipes take about 10 to 15 minutes to make. Serves 1 to 2.

1. Mashed Potato Quesadillas


• 1 cup of potatoes, sliced and steamed
• 2 medium-sized tortillas
• 1 cup of shredded cheese
• Salt and pepper
• Green onions, chopped
• Butter


Steam the potatoes and place in a bowl. Mash them using a fork.
Add the cheese, salt, and pepper to taste.
Spread the mashed potatoes on one tortilla. Sprinkle more cheese and green onions. Cover with another tortilla.
Place the tortillas on a pan with melted butter. Flip it over after a few minutes to melt the cheese.
Slice into quarters and serve.

2. Fried Rice


• 1 cup of firm tofu, chopped into cubes
• 1 cup of rice
• 2 cups of frozen mixed veggies
• Salt
• Pepper
• Garlic powder
• Onion powder
• Oil


Heat the oil in a fan. Fry your tofu until it turns brown.
Add your rice, mixed veggies, and seasonings.
Mix well until veggies are tender.

3. Spinach And Broccoli Pasta


• 1 cup of broccoli florets
• 1 box of 12-ounce pasta
• 3 handfuls of spinach
• 2.5 cups of mozzarella shreds
• 3 tbsp of butter
• 1 tsp of garlic powder
• 1 cup of milk


Steam the broccoli.
Boil water in a pot and cook the pasta according to the package instructions. Drain the pasta.
In a saucepan, melt the butter and add the cheese.
Add your seasonings and your milk.
Cook for a few minutes until the sauce becomes thick.
Add your spinach to the sauce and cook until they wilt.
Pour the sauce into a blender and mix until smooth.
In a bowl, place some steamed broccoli at the bottom and top off with pasta and sauce.
Mix well and garnish with more cheese.

Ideas And Tips:

• The quesadilla recipe is great with cheese, but this is optional. You can leave this out and opt for yogurt or sour cream instead.

• For the pasta dish, you can use any preferred milk. In this recipe, almond milk was used. You can use soy milk, non-fat milk or coconut milk.

Easy + Healthy Vegan Dinner Ideas
images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_wUABaMqs0

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