Clean Eating Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Made From Bananas)

There are many ways to let your kids get the nutrients they need without them even knowing. One clever way is to sneak vegetables into one of their favorite desserts such as ice cream! In this recipe, bananas, baby spinach, coconut milk, and peppermint extract are blended together until smooth. Adding chocolate chips makes the ice cream even more appealing to the kids. Spinach has a very mild flavor so the kids won’t notice. Savor the success of being able to feed your kids with a superfood and satisfyingly watch them finish an entire bowl of this mint chocolate chip ice cream.


• 2 frozen bananas
• 40 grams of baby spinach
• 2 tbsp coconut milk
• ¼ tsp peppermint extract
• 1 tbsp chocolate chips or cacao nibs


This recipe takes about 15 minutes to make. Serves 2.

Put bananas, spinach, coconut milk, and peppermint extract in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Add chocolate chips and blend for another 5 to 10 seconds.
Pour into serving bowls and serve.

Ideas And Tips:

• You can use fresh bananas so it will be easier to blend. Put the mixture in an air-tight container and let it set in the freezer for at least 2 hours before serving.

• Use pure cacao nibs as the chocolate chips in order to avoid additional sugar.

• You can use fresh mint leaves if you can’t find peppermint extract.

• You may substitute coconut milk with regular milk, soy milk, nut milk, rice milk or hemp milk.

Clean Eating Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Made From Bananas)
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