Green Smoothie Recipe (Affordable And Quick)

When making smoothies, you do not need expensive kitchen gadgets or pricey ingredients. This green smoothie recipe uses an inexpensive blender. What’s different about this green smoothie is it has both vegetables and fruits. It is refreshing, sweet, and delicious. There are no artificial sweeteners in this smoothie. You can definitely add more ingredients to this smoothie depending on what vegetables or fruits you have on hand. Deliciously healthy and vegan.

This recipe takes about 5 to 7 minutes to make. Serves 2.


• Handful of spinach
• Half a cucumber
• 1 stalk of celery
• Juice of 1 lemon
• 1 Fuji apple
• 1 ripe pear
• 1 small knob of ginger
• Water
• Crushed ice
• 1 beet (optional)


Rinse spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, and pear.
Chop apple, cucumber, celery, apple, and pear into small pieces.
Grate ginger.
Roll lemon and squeeze out the juice.
In a blender, place spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon juice, ginger, apple, and pear. Blend until smooth.
If the smoothie is too thick, pour a little bit of water and blend again.
You can throw in some crushed ice into the blender, or just put the ice on your glass.

Ideas And Tips:

• Before squeezing out the juice of a lemon, roll it first to loosen up the flesh so that you get more juice.

• Place the heavier ingredients on top in the blender so that they will push down the lighter ones towards the blade. You help your blender do its thing when you chop your ingredients into small pieces. Doing this will also allow you more room in your blender for more ingredients.

Green Smoothie Recipe (Affordable And Quick)
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