How To Make Gravlax

Gravlax is a dish that originated from Nordic countries. This recipe highlights the curing of salmon using salt and dill for a few days. This tradition is the best way of curing salmon. Historically, this dish was mainly prepared by fishermen. They do this by putting salt on the salmon and fermenting it lightly through burying it in the sand just above the line where the high tide comes in. However, as years passed by, fermentation is not used in the process of curing the salmon.

Cured salmon is mainly served as an appetizer. It is thinly sliced and usually paired with mustard sauce, freshly boiled potatoes, lemon wedges, or crostini.


• 120 grams kosher salt
• 100 grams sugar
• A handful of dill
• 2x450grams fresh, frozen salmon fillets with skin on


Mix sugar and salt in a mixing bowl.
Set aside.
Prepare a plastic board.
Place the first salmon fillet with the flesh side facing down.
Evenly cover with sugar and salt mixture on the skin side of the fillet.
Top it off with dill.
Get a clear plastic and wrap it on the fillet.
Flip it and make sure the dill and mixture don’t fall off.
Continue by evenly covering the flesh side with sugar and salt mixture, then dill.
Take the second fillet of salmon.
Cover the flesh side of salmon with the same mixture.
Put it on top of the first salmon fillet.
Continue by covering with the same mixture and dill on the skin side.
Wrap it up with clear plastic.
Allow both ends to be exposed.
Prepare two plastic containers.
Place it inside the first plastic container.
Fill the second plastic container with water and put it on top of the first container for some weight.
Put inside the fridge for 2-3 days.
Turn over the salmon at least once a day.
After 2-3 days, remove it from the fridge.
Slice it very thinly.

Tips and ideas:

The salmon slices can be paired with some lemon wedges, freshly boiled potatoes, bread, or spicy sauce.

How To Make Gravlax
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