How To Make Tiramisu (Raw Vegan)

Tiramisu is an Italian coffee-based dessert that contains egg yolks, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. In this recipe, let’s give tiramisu a raw vegan twist. It is sugar-free, dairy-free, and mixed with healthier ingredients like dates, macadamia nuts, cacao powder, and almond pulp. Enjoy your favorite tiramisu the healthier way!



• 40 grams water
• 50 grams almond pulp
• 50 grams dates
• 10 grams instant coffee
• 10 grams cacao powder
• 100 grams macadamia nuts (soaked for over 8 hours)


• 50 grams maple syrup
• 50 grams agave syrup
• 200 grams cashew nuts (soaked for over 2 hours)
• 250 grams water
• 100 grams coconut oil
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tbsp nutritional yeast



Soak 100 grams of macadamia nuts in water for over 8 hours.
You can opt to use other nuts if macadamia is not available.

Mix 40 grams of water and 10 grams of instant coffee.
Set aside.

Prepare a food processor.
Put the soaked macadamia nuts, 50 grams almond pulp, 50 grams dates, and 10 grams cacao powder in the processor.
Process to mix the ingredients well.
Gradually pour the coffee mixture while processing.
Continue until the texture is thick.
Transfer to a parchment-lined 6-inch baking dish.
Spread to distribute evenly.
Press down the mixture across the edges.
Set aside.


Soak 200 grams of cashew nuts in water for over 2 hours.

Prepare a blender.
Add soaked cashew nuts, 250 grams of water, 50 grams of maple syrup, 50 grams of agave syrup, 100 grams of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract.
Blend until well combined.
Pour the filling mixture on top of the base.
Place inside the freezer and let it chill for over 6 hours until set.
Get it out of the freezer.
Remove from the parchment.
Slice into servings.

How To Make Tiramisu (Raw Vegan)
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