Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Tagine is a traditional slow-cooked, stew-like North African dish. It is typically made from slices of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, richly seasoned with a mix of spices and herbs. The dish got its name from the earthenware pot which it is cooked in. The traditional tagine pots are made from ceramic or clay while modern ones are made from aluminum or cast iron. The bottom of the pot is a wide shallow circular dish while the top is distinctly shaped into a dome or a cone. Cooking the dish requires only a small amount of liquid as the cone-shaped lid traps the steam and returns the condensed liquid into the pot. This method of cooking is practical in areas with very limited supply of water.

This Moroccan vegetable tagine dish is a great meal on its own but it is best served with bread which you can dip in the rich sauce.


• 2 tomatoes, seeded and sliced
• 1 onion, sliced
• 1 fennel bulbs, sliced
• 1 potato, cut into wedges
• 1 carrot, cut into thick strips
• 1 small head of cauliflower, cut into bite-sized pieces
• 4 baby zucchini, cut in half, lengthwise
• 1 tbsp turmeric
• 1 tbsp salt
• 1 tbsp ground ginger
• ½ tsp ground black pepper
• ½ tsp red food coloring powder
• ½ cup of olive oil
• 1 roasted pepper, sliced
• 1 sprig of parsley, chopped
• 1 sprig of cilantro, chopped
• 1 cup of water


This recipe takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to make. Served 4 to 5.

Layer the vegetables starting with the onion and tomato slices at the bottom of a tagine pot.
Arrange all the other vegetable slices in the tagine pot.
Top with roasted bell pepper slices, chopped cilantro, and chopped parsley.
In a small bowl, mix all the seasonings and spices: turmeric, salt, ground ginger, ground black pepper, and red food coloring powder.
Pour in olive oil and mix well.
Pour spice mix on top of the vegetables.
Pour water.
Cover tagine pot with its lid.
Cook over low heat for an hour.
Remove from heat.
Take the lid off.
Let the dish cool for 10 minutes before serving.

Ideas And Tips:

• You may also add nuts or slices of meat, chicken or fish.

• The pot and the dish will be very hot once cooking is done. Make sure that your potholder or oven mitts are thick enough so you don’t burn yourself when lifting the pot. Remove the lid with caution as the dish will still be boiling and steam will come off from the pot.

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine
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