Raw Food Recipe: Spicy Tomato Soup

It is important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stay fit and healthy. Tomato is a nutrient-dense food and very beneficial so it should be consumed on a regular basis. It is a great source of lycopene, a natural antioxidant which is linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. A raw tomato is also low in calories and has zero fat that is why weight watchers make it a point to have raw tomato, raw tomato soup or tomato juice in their diet.

This raw spicy tomato soup recipe is a healthy “fast food”. Your soup can be ready just in 5 minutes. If you have a busy lifestyle but want to eat healthy food, you can make this ahead, pack it in an airtight container and you’ll have a healthy meal anywhere you go!


• 1 red bell pepper
• 1 celery stalk
• 7 Roma tomatoes
• 1/2 cucumber, peeled
• 3 cloves garlic
• 3 tbsp cold-pressed organic olive oil
• 1 tsp Celtic salt
• ⅛ tsp cayenne powder


This recipe takes about 5 to 10 minutes to make. Serves 1.

Using a teaspoon, scrape the middle part of the cucumber to remove the seeds.
Remove the head of the tomatoes using a small knife.
Remove the stem and seeds of the bell pepper.
Put bell pepper and tomatoes in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Add cucumber, garlic, celery, olive oil, salt and cayenne powder.
Blend until smooth.
Pour into a soup bowl.
Finely chop bell pepper, cucumber peel, and celery stalk.
Sprinkle on top of tomato soup and serve.

Ideas And Tips:

• The soup can be stored in the fridge for 2 days.

• If you want a “creamy” vegan tomato soup you can add nut milk.

• You also add herbs such as basil, cilantro, dill, oregano or coriander.

• Zucchini or watermelon can be used to substitute cucumber.

Raw Food Recipe - Spicy Tomato Soup
images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcxTuLcky1M

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