Raw Fettuccine Alfredo (Low Fat & Oil Free)

There is nothing wrong craving a bowl of pasta – but the guilt of consuming too much oil and carbohydrates always comes after. There is a healthier way to enjoy a huge bowl of pasta and that is to use vegetables to make pasta noodles! Whether you’re on a raw food diet, paleo diet, vegan diet or just on a regular diet, veggie noodles are great for you. The taste of the veggie noodles enhances the overall flavor of the pasta dish compared to using regular tasteless pasta noodles. It is also a great way of adding more vegetables to your daily diet.

This raw fettuccine alfredo recipe uses zucchini to make the noodles. These are sometimes nicknamed “zoodles”. The spiced sauce is also zucchini-based and made more appetizing by the cauliflower-cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. You will never be guilty finishing up a huge bowl of this pasta dish as it is oil-free and gluten-free.


• 5 zucchinis, peeled
• ½ cup of pine nuts
• 1 clove garlic
• ½ cup of fresh basil leaves
• ¼ cup of fresh oregano leaves
• ¼ cup of fresh sage leaves
• 1 zucchini, peeled
• ½ head of cauliflower
• 1 carton of cherry tomatoes, cut in half (optional)


This recipe takes about 20 minutes to make. Serves 5 to 6.

To make the noodles, put large blade attachment on the spiralizer.
Attach the zucchini to the spiralizer and just spin the handle.
Place the zucchini noodles in a large serving or salad bowl.
Set this aside while you make the sauce.
To prepare the sauce, cut zucchini into chunks.
Put pine nuts, garlic, basil, oregano, sage, and zucchini chunks in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Pour sauce over zucchini noodles and mix well to coat all the noodles with the sauce.
To make the cheese, put cauliflower in a food processor.
Pulse until you great a grainy consistency.
Sprinkle cauliflower cheese on top of the zucchini noodles.
Add cherry tomatoes.
Garnish with a basil leaf.

Ideas And Tips:

• You may want to add a pinch of nutmeg to enhance the taste of the alfredo sauce.

• Cauliflower contains water. If you want the cheese to be drier, put the cauliflower crumbs in a nut bag and squeeze of all the excess liquid.

• You can also use cucumber or jicama for the pasta noodles.

• The Spiralizer is an inexpensive kitchen device used to cut vegetables into long ribbons or strips resembling noodles. It is one of the kitchen must-haves as it improves the nutritional value and taste profile of veggies and fruits. Amazon has the spiralizer for $30 – and it gets five-star reviews… go here to check it out. (affiliate link)

Raw Fettuccine Alfredo (Low Fat & Oil Free)
images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQJzK4P8N5U

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