How To Make Boba Milk Tea

Boba milk tea or also known as pearl milk tea originated from Taiwan. It consists of tea, milk, and chewy tapioca pearls. This can be served either hot or cold, but it gained more popularity with its cold serving.


• 1 cup black tapioca pearl (sago)
• 6-7 cups water (for cooking sago)
• 2 bags black tea
• 2 cups hot water (for black tea)
• 1/2 cup fresh milk (for each serving cup)
• 4 tbsp sugar (for each serving cup)
• ice cubes


Put 2 bags of black tea in a cup.
Add hot water.
Leave for 3-5 minutes.
Remove the bags.
Let it cool and set aside.

Set a pot and boil 6-7 cups of water over medium heat.
Add 1 cup of black tapioca pearl.
Stir constantly to prevent the pearls from sticking together.
If needed, add water and cook it until tapioca becomes translucent.
Drain tapioca pearls.
Wash over cold or tap water.
Set aside.

Dissolve 2 tbsp of sugar in water.
Put cooked tapioca pearls.
Stir well to prevent the pearls from sticking together.
Remove the water.
Set the pearls aside.

In 2 disposable cups or tall drinking glasses, first put black tapioca pearls soaked in the sugar mixture earlier.
Add 4 tbsp sugar on each cup or glass.
Pour 1 cup black tea from earlier for each cup or glass.
Pour 1/2 cup of fresh milk for each.
Add ice cubes.
Stir well.
Insert a big straw.
Serve and enjoy!

Tips and ideas:

You can use honey as an alternative for sugar.

How To Make Boba Milk Tea
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