The Best Fresh Cucumber Water Recipe (Agua Fresca de Pepino)

The Best Fresh Cucumber Water - Agua Fresca de pepino
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There are health benefits when you drink fresh cucumber water. It delivers antioxidants, which help in preventing and delaying cell damage from stress. It also helps you to lose weight because it lessens calories as a replacement for sports drinks and sweet sodas. Cucumber water is a very quick and easy juice to prepare. It only takes less than 10 minutes.


• 2-4 cucumbers
• 7-10 cups water
• 2-4 key limes or your choice of citrus
• 6-7 tbsp cane sugar (optional)

Cut the ends of the cucumbers.
Cut a few slices of one cucumber if you want to decorate the juice later.
Peel off the rest of the cucumbers.
Slice into small pieces.
Set aside.


Set a blender.
Add 7-10 cups water (depends on how flavorful you want it).
Add the sliced cucumbers.
Blend for 3-5 minutes (depends on how smooth you want the texture).
Drain using a strainer to remove the pulps (if you don’t want any pulps in your drink).
Set aside.

Cut a few slices of the key limes.
In a bowl, squeeze juice from the remaining key limes.
Add cane sugar (optional!! Skip this if you are on a low sugar or sugar free diet)
Mix until diluted.

Prepare a jar or container for your juice.
Put ice cubes first.
Pour the key lime juice.
Add the cucumber juice.
Decorate with the sliced cucumbers and key limes earlier.
Serve and enjoy!

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