How To Make Vegetarian Ramen

Ramen is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite comfort food. Who would not love a sip of that flavorsome soup and a mouthful of filling noodles? But instead of grabbing a pack or a cup of instant ramen in the grocery store or running to a ramen bar, why not make your own at home? With this recipe, vegetarians or even vegans can enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen without the preservatives or additives. This recipe is good for a single serving but if you want to enjoy this dish with your special someone, you can easily double the quantity of the ingredients.


• 150 grams of ramen noodles

Vegetarian Dashi:

• ¾ cup of water
• 1 1”x2” kombu kelp
• 1 dried shiitake mushroom


• 2 tsp sesame oil
• 2 cloves garlic, minced
• ½-inch ginger, finely chopped
• 1/4 cup of chopped scallion, white part only
• 2 tsp chili bean paste
• 2 tsp miso
• 1 tbsp sake
• 1 tbsp ground sesame seeds
• 2 tsp soy sauce
• 1 cup of unsweetened soy milk
• ½ cup of dashi
• ¼ tsp white pepper
• ½ tsp Kosher salt


• ½ of a boiled egg
• ¼ cup of kimchi
• 2 tbsp spicy bean sprouts salad
• bok choy, blanched
• 2 tbsp of corn kernels
• 2 tbsp chopped scallions, green part only


This recipe takes about 50 minutes to make. Serves 1.

Soak kombu kelp and shitake mushroom in water for 30 minutes, then simmer over medium heat just until the water boils.
Remove kombu kelp and mushroom, then set dashi aside.
In a saucepan sauté garlic, ginger, and scallion in sesame oil over medium heat for a few seconds.
Add chili bean paste and miso, then stir.
Add sake, ground sesame seeds, and soy sauce, then stir well.
Carefully pour in unsweetened soy milk while stirring constantly.
Slowly pour in dashi while stirring constantly.
Season with salt and pepper, then stir well.
Turn off heat.
Cook ramen noodles according to packet instructions.
Put ramen noodles in a serving bowl.
Pour enough soup into the serving bowl.
Top off with egg, kimchi, spicy bean sprouts salad, bok choy, corn kernels, and chopped scallions.

Ideas And Tips:

• You can skip the egg if you’re vegan.

• Aside from soy milk, you can use, rice milk, hemp milk or almond milk.

• If you don’t want a spicy soup, you can use regular fermented bean paste instead of chili bean paste.

How To Make Vegetarian Ramen
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