How To Make Mochiese (Vegan Cheese)

Mochiese is a basic vegan cheese recipe from Japan. It’s another way of enjoying your kitchen and cooking homemade dishes. You can serve this vegan cheese with just about anything from fresh fruits and veggies to crackers.


• 100 grams mochi
• 3/4 teaspoon salt
• 3/4 teaspoon agar powder
• 30 grams pine nuts
• 60 grams oil
• 80 grams tapioca starch
• 240 grams soymilk


Cut mochi into small pieces.
Place the mochi pieces into a pot.
Pour milk.
Set over medium heat and let it cook until the mochi softens.
Remove from heat and set aside.

Prepare a blender.
Put pine nuts, agar powder, salt, oil, and the mochi.
Blend altogether.
Put in a pot.
Add tapioca starch and mix well.
Evenly pour mixture in a container.
Steam it for 15-20 minutes.
Let it chill and slice.
Serve as basic cheese.

Tips and ideas:

Pair it with fresh fruits, veggies, chicken breasts, and crackers.

Mochiese (Vegan Cheese)
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