Perfect Boiled Eggs

Would you like to know how to cook perfect boiled eggs? In this recipe, we’ll be cooking five levels of boiled eggs – from soft boiled to the traditional hard-boiled egg. After this, you should know exactly how many minutes you should be cooking your boiled egg to get your preferred result. Enjoy!


• 5 eggs


Set a stainless steel pot with enough water.
Bring the water to a boil.
Once it boils, reduce heat to low.
Add 5 eggs into the pot.

Set five timers for each of the eggs:

Egg #1 cooked at 6 minutes.
Egg #2 cooked at 8 minutes.
Egg #3 cooked at 10 minutes.
Egg #4 cooked at 12 minutes.
Egg #5 cooked at 14 minutes.

Set a large bowl filled with water and ice cubes.
After 6 minutes, remove one egg from the boiling water.
Put it in the bowl of iced water and let cool for a minute.
After a minute, mark the egg so that you will know that it’s egg #1 cooked at 6 minutes.
Do this with the rest of the eggs.
Once all eggs are done, peel the shells off.
The results are from the soft-boiled egg to the traditional hard-boiled egg.

Perfect Boiled Eggs
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